Coming Soon: the People’s Patriot Project


Yeah, I’m going there. Over the years, I’ve been looking to see if anyone else has done this project, or something similar. I maintain hope that it’s happening in a classroom somewhere out there. However, since I’ve not been able to find any discussion, documentary, rant or dog-eared anything that’s remotely similar, I’m going to take it on. It’s Peoples versus Patriots versus Women, hosted by a women-type person who considers herself to be a patriot.

How is this going to work? Once I get all three books assembled, I’m going to present videos on YouTube 2-4 times a month. Each video will be on a specific topic. For instance, I’ve already chosen the first topic to be one dear to my heart (and brain, and body) — “Women’s Suffrage.” I will read what’s said on the subject du jour in all three of the books and then in the accompanying video provide my evaluation and commentary on how the books differed, how they agreed, and whether or not I think any of them was comprehensive, useful or accurate. Finally, I will assign each book a Pass/Fail grade for that topic.

I will keep a running tally of the grades each book receives. Topics and the pages I’ll be reading for each will be announced in the preceding video and also listed in the comments, and in accompanying posts on this blog. Comments will be left on, so viewers/readers can participate in the discussion and also suggest future topics. Verbal abuse, name-calling and other forms of asshattery will be zapped.

How long will the project last? Until I run out of topics (not likely), run out of pages (not likely; we’re talking about 4 pounds of books altogether) or until I run out of faith, stamina and/or patience.

WARNING: I am not a licensed historian. However, I also am not a True Believer who automatically ascribes to every tenant of any group’s belief system. My favorite phrase is “Yeah, but…” and I suspect that means I’m especially well qualified for this task.

Let me know if you have any ideas for topics. Intro video will go up approximately August 10, 2018. I’ll post a link here to the People’s Patriot Project channel. Stay tuned…

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