Recommended Read: on the Future of Star Wars

sabine-grafitti.pngYeah, what Emily Asher-Perrin said. Loved Force Awakens. Liked Last Jedi, but have some issues. Really disappointed with Solo. This article clarifies for me why, in particular, I seem to like the Canto Bight section of LJ more than many people, even while I acknowledge that Rose’s childish understanding of what “fighting for justice” means gets pretty irritating. “I know the future of this region of the galaxy is now far more unstable and treacherous because of my actions, but I saved a horsie! I’m a hero! To hell with everything my sister died for!”

The tiresome whining of a minuscule, but loud number of insecure white male fans (who forget on a regular basis that the girls have always packed blasters in Star Wars) threatens to turn any discussion of the franchise into an obsession with those sexist fantasies. Star Wars was always co-ed, integrated, shared space. Take away the women, take away the non-humans — hell, take away the robots — and nothing happens.

One of the biggest threats to the franchise now, from both oh-so-virtuous horsie savers and the timid white boys, is that political correctness of all kinds will get in the way of a good, messy story. Yes, I’m worried about events like Solo, where the intricate potential of the Kessel Run was lost in waves of cutsie mugging and pseudo fan service (not this fan.) I’m far more concerned, however, that Star Wars will begin to preach about contemporary culture rather than monkey-wrenching, scrambling and playing with it.


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