Blood, Sweat & Tears: a Discussion of Fatness & Fructose — Part One

Yes, I know this is Sucrose, but that’s not the whole story…

Part One: Rules of Engagement

So, it turns out the Project That’s Hard to Talk About is going to be a three-part video series, with accompanying blog posts. As I say in the linked video, comments on this topic will appear only here on this blog, and will be vetted for quality.

Part One on Vimeo

Part One on YouTube

Links mentioned in the video:

The Do No Harm Podcast

Gary Taubes on Gout and Fructose

The Four Homework Videos (all on YouTube)

Gary Taubes
Seattle Town Hall “The Case Against Sugar”  1/6/2017¶

Robert Lustig, MD
MIT Club of Northern California “Fat Chance” 5/23/2013¶

Robert Lustig, MD
“Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public  7/30/2009¶

Paul Campos
2013 Harvard University Bicknell Lecture

P.S. 5/25/18 Here’s the Q&A with Campos, Abigail Saguy and Frank Hu.

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