Welcome, New Followers


Today is Mile Zero on the highway that is the rest of your life. A little long for a bumper sticker, that statement, but true nevertheless.

All the handy dandy monitoring gizmos are sending me emails telling me I have a bunch of new readers and followers. Welcome, y’all.

And, apologies to everybody for not posting more often. I am in the midst of prepping for what will be a post, or posts, on Stuff That’s Hard For Me To Talk About (<==working title.) I’m not sure if it will have one or three parts, or whether it will be text or video.

And, I also have to hock up some courage in order to be able to organize and articulate my ideas. One of my most frequent experiences is for people who’ve gotten mad as hell at me about some or another issue to come to me about three years after a Big Fight to tell me that it turned out I was actually right about whatever it was. This is slightly reassuring, since being someone who holds unpopular opinions seems to be one of the things I’m supposed to do in this life, i.e. my contribution, but it also means I spend a lot of time with people hating my guts. (Sometimes literally <== Ha. That’s a hint about What’s Hard to Talk About.)

Anyway, welcome to all the new people and hi to everyone. If you haven’t already, I’d subscribe so that you get an email when I’ve finally gotten around to posting stuff. See you soon.

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