Getting Ready to Meet the Devil

sunWhen I was house hunting last November, a waitress at a Denny’s my realtor and I were using for an office asked “what brings you to Phoenix?” I told her, and she asked if I was “ready to meet the devil.” I looked at my feet for a second, figuring this was some sort of religious thing. Then she said, “He arrives in June and doesn’t leave until September.”

Ah. I get it. Yeah, I’m preparing for my first Arizona summer. I figured out how the sun shade on the patio works, including the little turny handle thing with a hook that lowers the shade. I’ve closed some of the blinds in the Arizona Room (aka. enclosed patio with carpeting and air conditioning) so that the room doesn’t heat up as much around 4 in the afternoon. All my ceiling fans work. Yeah, I’m ready.

Except, of course, that’s it’s only March and the fun hasn’t even started yet. Stay tuned for further adventures in freon-enabled agoraphobia. I suspect I’ll be watching this video more than once over the coming months. JP also does stand-up comedy, a bunch of other funny videos, and has a book out.  If you were ever a fan of the Swami Beyondananda, this is someone you want to check out.

Speaking of gurus, if you’re all depressed from watching Wild Wild Country, this will help you get over it.

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