Field Trip: Fishes!

124106copyWhen I moved to Arizona, I adopted out my cichlid fish and gave away all my aquarium stuff. It was time. When I dropped Mica the fish off at the pet store that was going to find her a new home, I noticed that she’d developed a bunch of new colors — pinks and golds — and was a gorgeous little fish. And, I hadn’t even noticed. Shame on me.

Fortunately, here in the middle of the Sonoran desert, I have plenty of fish I can go visit down in Tempe at the Sea Life Aquarium. (I like the place so much I bought an annual pass.) I had a great time vlogging the visit, too, and I hope to do more vlogging in the future. Here’s the video. Please excuse the camera work. I’m still learning, and I also have to figure out how to wrangle the camera/phone and my forearm crutches at the same time. There is a way (There’s always a way!) but I don’t know what it is yet. Duct tape may be involved…


  1. hang it by the lanyard.
    or there is an attachment called

    ‘Snapit!’ described: “Holds most large display phones with exterior dimensions less than 2.65” W X .65” D or less than 2.0” W X 1.1” D. Flexible fingers can be positioned to hold phone snugly. Overall Height 3.5”. Includes SnapIt! System MultiMount Bracket™ with hardware for attachment to wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, crutches and power scooter handlebars.”

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