Hydroponics Update at 17 Days


Starting to look pretty green in my pretty little garden. (See what I mean about fast growth?) The most important insight is that the Aerogarden Sprout machines are not suitable for growing three lettuce plants at the same time, no matter what the package says. (I looked at some of their marketing videos. They actually have “after” shots of the Sprouts with only two lettuce plants. A ha!)

I pulled one pod (Black Seeded Simpson) that has only just begun to sprout, and left the Deer Tongue and Parris Island, which are growing like crazy. The black thing between the two lettuce plants is one of the “humidity domes” painted with black nail polish. You have to keep any empty openings covered with an opaque lid to discourage algae growth and evaporation. Aerogrow sells a “spacer” just for covering empty spots (and they give you free spacers when you buy the tomato and pepper seeds, since those grow at about half the density of the lettuce or herbs,) but, they’re five bucks-for-25 plus shipping, so I just DIY’d one instead.

I moved the Black Seeded Simpson to the little vase in the middle of all just until it’s more obvious which plants are going to grow. One of the herbs in the other Sprout (curly parsley) hasn’t sprouted at all yet and neither has the curly cress in one of the Kratky vases. The arugula in the Kratky vase is growing nicely, as are the lemon basil and cilantro in the Sprout. If none of the three “runts” take off, I’ll just grow arugula in both Kratky vases. (You can never have too much arugula.) I’m not giving up yet, though, little seeds!

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