Update: Oranges and Hydroponics

20180210_220010I got tired of waiting to get through the Sockarooni sauce to start the Kratky “jars,” so I took a trip to a couple of thrift stores. I picked up these two vases for a buck. They certainly look pretty between the gardens and the net baskets fit perfectly. I’m hoping the green tint and pattern on the glass are enough to discourage algae growth. If not, I’ll deal with it… I’ve set them up with plain filtered (i.e. Brita) water until the seeds sprout, and then I’ll add nutrient solution at the “houseplant” strength. Then, we’ll watch the leaves. I’ve planted them with arugula and curly cress, because I have oodles of those seeds and also because they can be harvested leaf by leaf as needed, which should suit these small containers. The “humidity domes” are courtesy of my recycling bin.

Meanwhile, the dried oranges were a success. The slices in the baggy represent 16 small oranges. I’ll do another batch tomorrow, and that should max out what’s left on the tree that I can reach. As a snack, they’re pretty intense, as in “Are you sure there’s no alcohol in this?” Intense, as in the way matcha tea or wheat grass juice feel like a borderline legal “zing.” I haven’t tried grinding the orange powder yet, but these slices are so crisp, I doubt I’ll have much problem. I’ll be using a mini “Ninja” food processor, which you could use to make a concrete smoothie if the need arose.

Kind of sad to see the oranges go, but there’s always next year. I wonder if I remember how to buy fruit.

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