A Recommended Read on Predatory Retail: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble

The Great Beanie Baby BubbleThe Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute
by Zac Bissonnette
Published by Penquin 2016

While my experience at the DMV MVS was mostly positive, I apparently also picked up The Cold That’s Going Around. Since I don’t want to be one of those people who attend writers conferences only to cough, sneeze, sniffle and infect their way through the day, I’ll not be going to Tempe tomorrow. Rats.

A book that I’ve been falling asleep with this week (because I’m zapped, not because it’s boring, which it isn’t) is The Great Beanie Baby Bubble. A wide-ranging look at the Beanie Baby craze in the late 1990’s, it also touches on everything from the economics of faux scarcity (yeah, I’m talking about you, tulips) to the relationship between fuzzy objects and mental illness.

This needs to be a movie, directed by, say, Ron Howard, with someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Ty Warner. Or, maybe Michael Emerson. Trust me. (I’d have said Jesse Plemons, but he’s too husky to convey the right level of vulnerability mixed with creepy desperation.)

Recommended for:

  • fans of Hoarders
  • business geeks
  • psychology geeks
  • history geeks
  • addiction counselors

Related Works:

The Mona Lisa Curse
Robert Hughes on the creation of false commodities in the art world and how it totally effed everything up

Out of Luck
a documentary on the predatory effects of State lotteries

That crash you just heard was me hitting the wall. Back to bed…

One comment

  1. […] I dove in and discovered within this subculture a wonderful conversation about consumerism, budgeting and the management of perishable and/or collectible goods. (All of this takes place immediately adjacent the discussion of new releases, of course.) And, before those of you who are not part of the great cosmetics cult get all superiorish, don’t assume these management techniques might not also apply to your collection of 1947 Indian Scout motorcycle parts (carefully sorted into vintage and re-engineered.) Sure, they’re cool, but do you really need three more swingwing pegs? And, don’t even get me started on the Beanie Babies. […]


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