Field Trip: AZ Motor Vehicle Services

Aren’t they pretty?

I was ready. After a quick trip outside to replenish my stock of citrus, I loaded up my phone with Chapter 4 of the Maricopa County Library’s copy of the Star Wars: the Force Awakens novelization audiobook. I was heading to the DMV MVS and I knew I’d need something to do during those hours of waiting. I was prepared. Bring on the boredom!

First, I had to get Watson (my Honda Element) smogged. In California, this requires about seventy bucks and at least a half hour of waiting — sometimes much longer. Instead, I drove into the facility, followed the nice, friendly arrows, took a ticket, and, because Watson’s a 2007 model, was able to use the express lane, which was much shorter and moved much faster than most grocery store

Where’s the waiting room?

checkouts. My wait in line was less than fifteen minutes. When I pulled up, the Tech offered me a seat on a folding chair (because it’s just not worthwhile for most people to go back and forth to a waiting room.) He hooked up an ethernet interface from their R4 unit to some mysterious connection just under my steering wheel. Then he hooked a sort of reverse vacuum cleaner up to my gas cap to make sure it was sufficiently cappish. Then, they charged me 17 bucks and sent me happily on my way.

Well, almost happily. I didn’t have any time to listen to my novel. At least, when I got to the DMV MVS , I’d have plenty. I queued up in the intro line, but it was moving so quickly, Poe and FinN weren’t even off the Star Destroyer in their purloined TIE Fighter before my turn came up. The nice lady sent me to the gimp waiting area (aka. Line 1, which has seats.) I had a nice chat with the people there, so, again, no novel time. All in all, it took less than 20 minutes to get my car registration and new handicapped license plate taken care of. (I still have to go back for my new license. They need to see a birth certificate or a passport, both of which, like so much of my life, are SIAB*.) I guess I can always listen to the book when I’m supposed to be asleep.

When I complimented the staff on their efficiency, they seemed surprised, as did the folks in the waiting area when I commented on how fast the lines were moving. But, then, these people actually think our neighborhood has “traffic jams.” Ah, children, you have no idea.

Since I had all this free time, I decided to spend the afternoon exploring. More in the next post…

*Somewhere in a Box

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