Dancing With the Devil (ishly Vain)

Google-Nazi-DictatorshipCan’t really call ’em “the Devil.” They’re not timeless and legendary, just tricky and irritating. Yeah, I’m talking about Google.

Reading this post (It’s an insightful read even without the bit of Dylan. Bobby McGee is in there, too. Nothing but love for Janis, but check out this version from one of the guy’s who wrote the dang thing. Anyway…) got me to thinking again about my recent switch from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook. In a normal world. switching operating systems would have nothing to do with politics, but under these circumstances, I feel like I’m going to open the thing up one day to discover that half my writing’s been declared Non-Googly and therefore has been zapped out of existence. After all, being Non-Googly (i.e. following your own conscience instead of someone else’s) these days can cost you your business and even put you in jail. (I was going to say I felt like I was trying to dismantle the master’s house with his own tools, but Google ain’t my master.)

Anyway, reducing computing down to the net + a decent office suite is exactly the kind of streamlining I needed. I don’t do heavy duty video gaming or anything requiring massive computing power. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but nothing outrageous. (Google Drive docs are based on HTML, not BASIC-style strings, which means you sometimes have to use three commands to do stuff that in MS Office takes a quick click. Assuming, of course, that the latest Windows “update” hasn’t made your system unusable. Again.) I do make external back-ups just in case Google Docs starts getting censored — or in case I spill tea on the keyboard one too many times. I find it somewhat encouraging that Google’s accused of bias from both sides of the aisle. It’s all very confusing. And scary.

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